‘Sisyphus revisited: grassroots development and community conflicts in Haiti’

In light of the recent political protests in Haiti, the Focus on Haiti team thought it would be appropriate to reintroduce an article previously published by Dr. Robert Maguire analyzing the relationship and distribution of power between the lower classes and elites in Haiti as our second Working Paper.

The article ‘Sisyphus Revisited’ relates the Greek myth of Sisyphus’s struggle, to push a boulder up a mountain only to be overwhelmed before reaching the top, to the struggle of lower class Haitians for recognition and respect from elites. Continue reading

‘Haiti Through Clear Eyes’

Introducing the new Working Papers section of Focus on Haiti. The first paper is ‘Haiti Through Clear Eyes,’ a recent presentation by Dr. Robert Maguire addressing the contemporary social and political context in Haiti. Following this initial paper, we hope to expand the use of this section to post ongoing papers from the Focus on Haiti team.

Working Paper posts, including ‘Haiti Through Clear Eyes,’ are available through the menu tab at the top of the webpage.