Update on Haiti’s Humanitarian Aid

For the first time since four back-to-back storms and hurricanes battered Haiti five years ago, the U.N.’s lead feeding program and other agencies don’t have enough food to stockpile in strategic areas before a major storm hits.

Source: The Miami Herald

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A Haitian woman sells fruit on April 10, 2013, near a public garbage area in the south of Port-au-Prince.

A Haitian woman sells fruit on April 10, 2013, near a public garbage area in the south of Port-au-Prince.

Brazilian State of Acre in Illegal Immigration Alert, Haitian Citizens Major Demographic

The Brazilian state of Acre has declared a state of emergency after the arrival of a surge of illegal immigrants from neighboring Bolivia and Peru. Officials said most of the immigrants originally came from Haiti but now come from as far as Bangladesh, Senegal and Nigeria. Many of the Haitians are refugees from the 2010 earthquake.

Source: BBC News Latin America

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Immigrants in a shelter in Brasileia, Acre state

New Report on US Aid to Haiti finds “Troubling” Lack of Transparency, Effectiveness

new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) identifies significant problems with the delivery of US aid to Haiti and finds an overall lack of transparency in aid disbursement. The report, “Breaking Open the Black Box: Increasing Aid Transparency and Accountability in Haiti,” by CEPR Research Associate Jake Johnston and Senior Associate for International Policy Alexander Main, examines the effectiveness of US assistance to Haiti, how it is being administered, to what extent it is adhering to the “USAID Forward” reform agenda, and what steps can be taken to ensure its more effective and transparent delivery.

Source: Centre for Research on Globalization

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Haiti’s Election Conundrum: Fraught But Necessary?

On March 26th at the US Institute of Peace, panelists participated in a discussion entitled “Can Elections Save Haiti?.” The contributors,  Jonathan Katz, Thomas Adams, Raymond Joseph and Mark Schneider, discussed the factors which erode the ability of Haitians to participate in free and fair elections. The event was moderated by Dr. Robert Maguire, who oversees the Focus on Haiti site.

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Source: The United States Institute of Peace


C-SPAN link for Panel on Haitian Politics and International Aid

The discussion between a journalist, former ambassador, and aid executive was one of the most engaging conversations that has taken place this semester…

Weren’t able to make it to the panel? Don’t worry, the most recent event put on by the Western Hemisphere Working Group at GW and Focus on Haiti will be archived online at C-SPAN.

Watch the discussion on the link below: